Powers & Duties

City Clerk Duties

The Clerk, who shall:
  • Be fully engaged in work for the city
  • Attend all meetings of the council
  • Keep a correct record of the proceedings of the council
  • Record, and attest all ordinances
  • Draw and sign vouchers upon the depositories, which vouchers shall be countersigned by the president of the council, and keep a true and correct account of same
  • Prepare and submit to the council at the first meeting in each month a statement of all finances, receipts and disbursements passing through his/her office
  • Have published semiannually in some newspaper inside the corporate limits, a sworn statement showing for what purpose the money was collected and for what purpose it was expended
  • Sign all licenses issued by the city, and issue receipts for all monies paid to him/her, and shall deposit said money to the proper depositories at the first regular banking day after receipt
  • Be custodian of all books pertaining to the clerk's office, and of the city records not otherwise provided for
  • All fiscal books shall be maintained under modern bookkeeping methods and shall be posted up to date. Failure to keep books posted up to date shall constitute malfeasance of office
  • Be clerk of the Board of Public Works. When the clerk is also tax assessor he shall perform all the duties provided for said offices
  • Give such bond as the city council may fix, and shall perform all duties now or hereafter imposed upon the clerk by this Act, or by any ordinance of the council, not inconsistent herewith.


The City Clerk's compensation shall be fixed by the council. The clerk shall have the discretion to employ and dismiss all employees of the office; provided that the council by 2/3 vote may discharge for cause any employee in the Clerk's office. The salaries and number of employees of the office of the clerk shall be set by the council. Additional employees or raises in salaries may be added by majority vote of the council subject to the limitations of the budget hereinafter provided.