Community Development Services

Foxwood Country Club and Foxwood Estates Annexation

For information regarding the proposed annexation of Foxwood Estates and Foxwood Country Club, please click here.

Various Facets 

The Growth Management Department is a multi-functional department. The various facets of the department consist of Planning and Zoning, Building Permitting and Inspections, Code Enforcement and GIS Services and Mapping. The Main Street Program Director / CRA Director is located in a specialized section of the Administrative Services Division of the Department.

Duties within the departments housed at City Hall include:

  • Coordination of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations pursuant to the Florida Growth Management Act
  • Ensuring building code conformity
  • Processing requests for commercial projects and subdivisions
  • Issuance of development permits
  • Performing building inspections
  • Providing information and processing requests pertaining to annexation, zoning, variances, comp plan amendments and land use changes
  • Main Street program administration and promotions
  • Receipt and processing of complaints relating to violations of the Crestview Code
  • The department also processes requests and schedules meetings for:
    • Board of Adjustment
    • Community Redevelopment Agency
    • Historic Preservation Board
    • Local Planning Agency
    • Technical Review Committee
    • Other boards as directed