State Parks

Blackwater River State Forest

Located just northwest of Crestview with 190,000 acres, Blackwater Forest is the largest state forest in Florida. Named after the Blackwater River that runs through it, this state park is known for its beautiful waterways. The river's sand bottom, dark tannin waters and contrasting white sandbars have drawn worldwide attention and provide a perfect setting for an afternoon out with your family.


The river and its surrounding forest provides excellent bird-watching as well as uncommon plants and animals like white tail deer, turkeys and bobcats. The terrain, plant communities and wildlife are highlighted along the park's two nature trails. Guided tours and campfire programs are offered seasonally. Visitors will enjoy swimming, picnicking, hiking, hunting, fishing and camping throughout the forest. In addition to the nature areas, there are man-made lakes, hiking trails, camping facilities and many other recreational opportunities for families and groups.