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Planning and Development Board

  1. Planning and Development Board Application
    Office of the City Clerk

  2. Duties and Responsibilities

    The Planning and Development Board/Local Planning Agency (hereinafter Board or PDB) shall have the authority and responsibility to review land use in the City and evaluate planning and regulatory methods and systems for resolving physical, economic, social, environmental and fiscal issues. The Board shall receive and hear appeals in cases involving the City of Crestview Land Development Code (hereafter known as the LDC) The Board shall receive and hear applications for special exceptions/uses and variances to the terms of this LDC, and grant relief where authorized under this LDC. The Board shall also hear, determine and decide appeals, reviewable interpretations, applications or determinations made by an administrative official in the enforcement of the LDC. The Board shall be responsible for review and approval of the City of Crestview Comprehensive Plan. The Board shall have any other powers or duties delegated by the City Council.

  3. Criteria and Requirements for Board Membership:

    • Must be a Resident of the City of Crestview • Must be able to attend PDB meetings on the First Monday of each Month at a time to be determined by the City Council (all meetings will be after 5:00 PM) • Must have a good working knowledge of computers and be able to use same before and during the meetings. • Must be willing to gain/maintain working knowledge of the Current Land Development Code and abide by same. • Preferred applicants will have knowledge of property zoning, commercial applications and land uses.

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