Crestview City Clerk

2024 Annual Meeting Notice

2023 Annual Meeting Notice

2023 Annual Meeting Notice Addendum

City Clerk 

The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council, and as a Charter-level Officer, the City Clerk serves the City Council. 


  • Attends all meetings of the City Council.
  • Maintains minutes and records of the City Council.
  •  Provides administrative services, as required by the City Council.
  •  Review contracts for compliance with policy and Council direction and attests to same that shall then be signed by the Mayor. 

  • Shall maintain and manage the contract management and records of same.

  • Sign all licenses issued by the City.

  • The City Clerk is designated by the Charter and State of Florida as official records custodian of public documents and the City Seal. Keep and have the care and custody of the books, records, papers, legal documents and journals of proceedings of the City Council. The City Clerk is responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all city documents, as prescribed by State Law and the City Code of Ordinances.

  • Perform such additional duties as may be required by the City Council. All other powers and duties of the City Clerk shall be provided by Resolution.


  • Archives all permanent City documents, official proceedings, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Indexes all official actions of the City Council
  • Processes contracts and agreements
  • Maintains committee applications and appointments
  • Maintains City Council, Committee and Board meeting minutes and audio files
  • Records official documents
  • Maintains and updates the website pertaining to the City Clerk's office

Public Records

The office of the City Clerk is the custodian of Public Records for the City of Crestview, and all respective departments. All requests should be made : Please click on link to make a Public Records Request.

Public Records Policy