Code Compliance

Together We Can Make a Difference

The Code Compliance Division exists to promote, protect, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Crestview. Often a citizen is not aware that violations exist on their property. Once advised, most citizens take the necessary action to correct the violations and bring their property into compliance with City code. Code Compliance’s goal is to obtain voluntary compliance of the City’s codes.

Code of Ordinances

In compliance with, and under the authority of, Chapter 162, Florida Statutes, and the City of Crestview Code of Ordinances, this division investigates alleged violations of city ordinances and seeks their abrogation.  When the violator is noncompliant they may be required to appear before the Special Magistrate pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 162 which empowers local government to establish Code Enforcement regulation at the local level. In addition to the use of the Code Enforcement Board process, officers are empowered by State Statute 162 to issue non-criminal citations.

  1. Physical Address
    201 Stillwell Blvd
    Crestview, FL 32539