Adult Sports

Co-Ed Softball 

Registration: May 8 - June 9, 2023
Season Start: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Parks and Recreation Department offers adult slow pitch softball leagues. We offer a men's and women's spring season in June. Following the spring season, we take a month off before registration begins for the Co-Ed softball league. Co-Ed softball begins near the 1st of September. Leagues are formed by team registration. For more information concerning adult sports, please call George Hillsman at 850-682-4715.

General Rules & Regulations

Team entry fee will be $285.00 with a $15.00 player fee. Any team dropping out of the league will forfeit all funds submitted to date. 

Official league rules, regulations, and season start!
The rules and regulations for the City of Crestview's softball leagues have been approved by the supervisor and staff of Parks and Recreation. These regulations along with the Rules of Independent Softball Association will be the official rules of Crestview's slow pitch league. When it comes to eligibility, rosters will not be accepted without player fees. Rosters naming each player by full name (not nickname) must be submitted prior to the scheduling of the team. Players must be 16 years old to play in Men's League. Players under 18 years old must have a notarized parent permission form attached to the official roster submitted by the manager. Players may not play in multiple leagues or divisions simultaneously. Players may not play on multiple teams in the same season. For more rules visit the Independent Softball Association.

Conduct Policy

I understand that in extreme cases of rowdy or disruptive behavior on the part of my child, myself, family, group or team we may be subject to being barred from further participation in the organized recreation program and Recreation Department property. Rules governing organized recreation activities will be made available upon request. 

Please read the full conduct policy here.

In the event a Coach is ejected from the game he/she must leave the bench area and sit out that game and the next two scheduled games. Adult bench personnel so disqualified shall leave the building/field immediately. The coach may attend the next scheduled games but will not be allowed to give instruction or coach from the sidelines. Violating this requirement will cause staff to ask the coach to leave the gym/field and an additional one game suspension will be imposed. Upon being ejected from a second game, offenders will face suspension for the remainder of the season.

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