City Manager


Under Crestview’s new charter, adopted by voters in August 2018, the city manager “shall be appointed or dismissed by the City Council, by a majority vote of the entire council, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council.”

Under the charter, the city manager “shall direct all department heads and oversee the daily operations of the city.” The city manager’s duties include:

• Attending all meetings of the City Council;

• Draw and sign vouchers for the city’s deposits, which will be countersigned by the city clerk;

• Prepare and submit monthly to the council an account of the city’s finances, receipts and disbursements;

• Provide administrative services as required by the City Council;

• See that all laws, provisions of the city charter, and acts of the City Council are faithfully executed;

• Coordinate the annual city budget with the city clerk and department heads and submit to the City Council the city’s annual budget, budget message, and capital projects;

• Submit to the council and make available to the public at the end of each fiscal year a complete report on the city’s finances and administrative activities;

• Keep the City Council fully advised of the city’s financial condition and future needs; and make recommendations to the council regarding the affairs of the city as needed;

• Perform other duties are specified in the charter, adopted by ordinance, or that may be required of the council.

The First City Manager is currently Mr. Tim Bolduc appointed February of 2019.