Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program enlisting the active participation of citizens, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in our communities.

Members of a given neighborhood agree together to keep an eye on one another’s properties and report any suspicious incidents to the Crestview Police Department. Monthly or quarterly meetings are held where crime updates, information, and support is provided by the Crestview Police Department.

This program teaches citizens how to work together in creating the strongest crime prevention technique… neighbors looking out for each other.

Neighborhood Watch does not advocate members taking any action when observing suspicious activity in their neighborhood. Members only serve as the extra “eyes and ears” and should report their observations of suspicious activities to the Crestview Police Department.

Neighborhood Watch is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most well known crime prevention concepts in history. While the modern day concept of Neighborhood Watch came into prominence in the late 1960’s in response to an increasing burglary rate, its roots in America can actually be traced all the way back to the days of Colonial settlements when night watchmen patrolled the streets.

For information concerning the Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact the Police Department at (850) 682-3544 and ask to speak to a Community Services Officer.