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City of Crestview CDBG-CV Small Business Grant

  1. CDBG Small Business Grant Application
  2. Policy


    The City of Crestview will invest up to $96,835 through its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

    (HUD). Under this program, funding will be used to provide one-time business grants of up to $5,000.00.

     The purpose of this program is to avoid job loss caused by business closures related to social distancing by providing short-term working capital assistance to small businesses to enable retention of jobs held by low- and moderate-income persons. Business owners and/or affected employees must meet HUD LMI income eligibility. Eligibility will be determined through an application process and must meet project guidelines.

     The following requirements, selection criteria and procedures will be adhered to during the grant selection and disbursement process:


     This grant program is funded by HUD via the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response (CDBG-CV) funds. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (Public Law 116-136) (CARES Act) authorized this funding for grants to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. This grant program has been designed following guidance issued by HUD in its “Notice of Program Rules, Waivers, and Alternative Requirements Under the CARES Act for Community Development Block Grant Program Coronavirus Response Grants, Fiscal Year 2019 and 2020 Community Development Block Grants, and for Other Formula Programs.” [Docket No. FR-6218-N-01]


     To be eligible for funding through the City of Crestview Small Business Recovery Grant Program, applicants must; 

    • Be a for-profit privately held business, 
    • have a had a physical location with a storefront located inside the City of Crestview city limits as of March 1, 2020, 
    • have an active Business Tax Receipt at the time of application, 
    • employee less than 50 employees, including the owner(s) of the business (this will be calculated on a full-time equivalent basis total hours worked/2080 hours) 
    • Must be owned by a person whose annual income is at or below the HUD low to moderate income guidelines below; OR, the business must retain at least one l full-time  low to moderate income job / position, or any combination of part-time positions combining for 40 hours per week for at least three (3) months.

    CDBG 2020-2021 Income Qualification Categories

    Persons Per Household

    Maximum Adjusted Gross Income


















    • Home-based businesses
    • Nonprofit organizations/businesses
    • Financial businesses primarily engaged in the business of lending, such as banks, finance companies, and factors (pawn shops, although engaged in lending, may qualify in some circumstances)
    • Businesses principally engaged in teaching, instructing, counseling or indoctrinating religion or religious beliefs, whether in a religious or secular setting
    • A business in which a majority owner or member of the immediate family is an elected official or employee of the City of Crestview
    • An establishment similar to any enumerated above
    • Multiple applications/applicants may not simultaneously compete for funding for the same property parcel or address
    • Businesses deemed ineligible by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the City of Crestview
    • Business not affected by Executive Order 2020-19 or subsequent similar orders.  


    Businesses may not receive CDBG-CV funding that duplicates any part of their disaster loss covered by insurance or another source, such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Applicants for CDBG-CV grant funds under the City of Crestview Small Business Assistance Grant Program must disclose any funds applied for or received from these sources or other federal assistance programs. It is in the city’s sole discretion to determine if funds received from any of these sources constitutes a duplication of benefits. Grants under this program will be provided in an amount not to exceed the level of need. If a duplication of benefits determination is made after CDBG-CV funds have been disbursed, the amount of funds that were determined to be duplicative must be repaid to the City of Crestview.

  3. I attest that I have read the attached policy in its entirety. *
  4. Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for funding through the City of Crestview Small Business Recovery Grant Program, applicants must certify: 

  5. I am the owner of a privately held, for profit business. *
  6. My business has had a physical location inside the Crestview city limits as of March 1st, 2020.
  7. My business has an active Business Tax Receipt (BTR) with the City of Crestview
  8. Ex. 21-0000XXXX

  9. My business employees less than 50 full time employees, including the owner
  10. Number of employees

    Full time equivlents

  11. This business is owned by a person whose annual income is below the guidelines listed below*


  12. This business employees at least 1 full time person whose annual income is at or below the guidelines listed below.

    **Or any combination of part time positions for 40 hours weekly for at least 3 months. 

  13. CDBG 2020-2021 Income Qualification Categories
    Persons Per Household
    Maximum Adjusted Gross Income
  14. Has your business applied for and/or received any other finanical small business relief/aid through any other local, state, or federal government agencies, foundations, banks, or any other small business programs since March 1st, 2020.
  15. Does your business have a need for working capital to support its payroll expenses, rent or mortgage payments, utility expenses, or other similar expenses that occur in your ordinary course of business? *
  16. Documentation is required.

    Examples include mortgage/rent payment, utilities payments, or other expenses related to the businesses response to  COVID-19.  Additional information/documentation may be requested during the review process.

  17. Required to receive federal funding. See to apply

  18. Business owner's signature

  19. Answering no to any of the above questions may disqualify the business.
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