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    1. Beautification Incentive Program
    3. This program awards funds for visual (exterior) improvements to commercial real estate property. These improvements are for painting, parking lot resurfacing, signage, and landscaping, etc. Labor and materials may be contributed by the CRA in lieu of grant funds or a portion of the grant   award.    Maximum   CRA   grant    awards   cannot   exceed    $15,000 The Beautification Incentive Program was established by the CRA to encourage existing building owners or operators to improve the exterior of their buildings to provide "curb appeal." The program allows the CRA to fund 50% of the cost to paint, landscape and/or pressure cleaning an existing building with the Crestview CRA, up to $15,000. Property or business owners must submit a completed application accompanied by estimates from licensed painters, landscapers and or general contractors, if the grant request is part of a larger project, a total project budget must be provided to be considered. Any estimates over $7500 must have 3 written quotes. Owner purchased materials are not subject to quotes. requirements.


    5. The following rules are intended to inform a potential grant applicant of the extent and scope of the program. The purpose of the program is to encourage commercial property owners to upgrade their properties by improving the external appearance of their business and to encourage businesses to invest in their operations. The result will halt deterioration, stabilize property values, improve and upgrade   the   appearance   of   the   area,   and facilitate and encourage redevelopment activity in the target area.

      1.    The program is available only for property located within the CRA District. Note: See attached CRA Boundary Map  check your address: 

      2.    All proposed exterior improvements (to include paint color/decorative finishes) using CRA funds must be approved by the CRA Staff.

      3.   The program is for commercial properties and businesses only. Residentially zoned properties are NOT eligible (this includes multi-family units, apartment buildings and duplexes). The property owner must be the applicant. However, if the property is currently leased to a tenant, then the Application and Agreement must be jointly executed by both the owner and the tenant.

      4.    Eligible improvements for this program include:

          Painting (may include murals with prior CRA design approval)


          Roof Repair


          Decorative exterior facade improvements

          Exterior doors/windows

          Landscaping around the building


          Parking lot re-paving, re-sealing, re-striping

          Exterior lighting

          Patio or decks connected to the building

          Exterior wall repairs (e.g. stucco, brick or wood repairs and replacement)

          ADA improvements (exterior)


          Fencing (excluding chain link, barbed wire, and wood panels)

          Demolition of structure and (re)sodding of vacant property

          Exterior Security Features

      5.  All work must be done in compliance with applicable City of Crestview Building Codes and Land Development Regulations. All contractors must be licensed in Crestview/Okaloosa County. All work that requires permits must be done through the City of Crestview Permit division of Development Services department and pass all required inspections prior to reimbursement.

      6.  Grant funds will be reimbursed exclusively for approved work, approved change orders and only for work that has been performed after the grantee has received notification that the Grant Application has been approved by the CRA Staff. Any work completed prior to submission and approval must receive approval from the CRA board before any reimbursement is given. CRA staff will determine if previously preformed work is eligible. Work done more than 9 months prior to submission is not eligible for any CRA grants.

      7. The Beautification Incentive Grant Program is only available one time in a six (6) month period for each commercial address.

    7. 1.    An applicant seeking a project grant may secure an application from the Crestview Community Redevelopment Agency(CRA), by calling 850-612-6074 or submit online or download the application from

      2.    The CRA will administer the Beautification Incentive Program and funding. In addition to the appropriate City of Crestview building inspections, the CRA will inspect the work to determine the satisfactory completion of the work.

      3.    Applicants may not have any outstanding City of Crestview liens, delinquent property taxes, delinquent utility bills, and must have an active Business Tax Receipt with the City.

      4.    Application to this Program is not a guarantee of funding. Funding is at the sole discretion of the CRA Staff. Applications will be scored, ranked and obtain CRA approval. The total available program funding is subject to change.

    9. 1.    Grant Payments — Subject to the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement, reimbursement will be made within ninety days from the CRA receiving the following:

             a)    Invoices, copy of processed check and proof of payment for Eligible Reimbursable Costs

             b)    Building Department Inspection forms and completed final inspections.

      2.    Site Visits — CRA staff will conduct a site visit before grant payment is made in order to verify that the business is in operation. Staff may also conduct unannounced site visits periodically in order to ensure compliance with the terms of the grant agreement. Staff will complete a final inspection prior to issuing final payment.

      3.    As stipulated in the project agreement, the CRA will release funds to the client on a reimbursement basis at the completion of the entire project (upon examination of all required documents

    10. I have read, understand and accept the program overview and guidelines set forth above for the

      Beautification Incentive Program.

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