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2023 Skate Tournament Registration

  1. City of Crestview 2023 Skate Jam Registration Form

    Date & Time: Saturday, September 30 

    11 AM - 2 PM

    There is no fee for registration.

  2. Location: Eglin Federal Credit Union Skate Park

    581 Brookmeade Dr., Crestview, FL 32539

  3. *Helmets are mandatory. *Participants must be fully clothed.
  4. T-Shirt Size*
  5. Event*

    Please select the event/events you plan to participate in.

    Events will be broken into age groups as follows:

    Minis: Ages 0-6

    Beginners: Ages 7-14

    Juniors: Ages 15+

    Advanced: Ages 35+

  6. Parent/ Guardian Consent ( Required for Ages 17 and Under)

    I consent to allow my child to participate in the City of Crestview 2023 Skate Jam. 

  7. Parent's please upload a copy of your state issued ID.  

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