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Coaches Application

  1. Do you want to coach your child?
  2. Background Check Acknowledgement
    I have never been convicted by any state for lascivious acts with a child, child neglect or child abuse. I understand that I will be required to have a background check and be fingerprinted upon request. I also state that I am not receiving treatment for alcoholism, or drug abuse problems.
  3. Have you ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime?
  4. Rules and Expectations
    I understand that as a coach, I will not use profanity, alcohol, or tobacco products during team practices, games, or any time in the gym and/or on the field.

    I understand that this is a Youth Recreational League, and that sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun is important to all levels of players.

    I understand that instruction will be done in a manner consistent with Parks and Recreation Policies.

    I authorize the City of Crestview to verify the above information and waive any right to confidentiality with respect to the information requested. If requested, I will submit my fingerprints for that purpose.
  5. The selection of coaches for teams is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of the Parks and Recreation Division, therefore we take it very seriously. A coach is in direct contact with the players and is responsible for the attitudes, behavior, skills and knowledge the player acquires during the season. Parks and Recreation realizes and appreciates your willingness to coach and work with kids on a volunteer basis. The Department however, does reserve the right to release a coach at any time in which their behavior is not conducive to working with kids.

    I hereby assume all risks and hazards incidental to my participation in the above, stated activity and I do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the City of Crestview, the Parks and Recreation Division, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, and participants if any injury occurs while participating.

    As a leader in Crestview Youth Programs, I agree to accept the responsibilities of providing competent leadership, good sportsmanship, and a wholesome learning experience for every child. I realize that I must abide by the rules and policies approved or adopted by the City of Crestview’s Recreation Division.
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