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City of Crestview
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Administrative Services Department

  1. Auto - Add or Change
  2. Emergency Contact Form
  3. Separation of Employment form
  1. Customer Complaint Form

    This form will give the public an opportunity to file a complaint with a employee or situation

  2. Job Application

Boards and Committees

  1. Citizen Advisory Committee

    The Citizen Advisory Committee shall review and make recommendations on the proposed annual distribution of CDBG funding.

  2. Crestview Board and Committee Application

    This is a general application for all committees and Boards for the City of Crestview.

  1. Citizen of the Year Committee

    for members of the Citizen of the Year Selection Committee

City Clerk

  1. Door Access
  2. Vendor Application

    Please use this form if you wish to be on a vendor list to receive Bids/RFP's/RFQ's from the City of Crestview.

  1. Request for Assembly/Street Closure Application

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Enforcement Violation

    Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Community Development Services

  1. Business Tax Receipt Application (BTR)

    Application for new BTR or changes to a Current BTR

  2. Contractor Registration
  3. Zoning & Future Land Use Information
  1. City of Crestview CDBG-CV Small Business Grant

    CDBG CARES Act Small Business Grant



  3. Zoning and Future Land Use Information

    Zoning and Future Land Use Information

Community Redevelopment Agency

  1. Beautification Incentive Program

    The Beautification Incentive Program awards funds for visual exterior improvements that support the preservation and enhancement of... More…

  2. Crestview CRA Asbestos Mitigation Grant

    Application for CRA Asbestos Mitigation Grant

  3. Downtown Commercial Area Special Event (No Alcohol)

    Special Event (no Alcohol)

  4. Main Street Commercial District Special Event Application (with Alcohol)

    Special Event with Alcohol

  1. Code Compliance Upgrade Program

    The Code Compliance Upgrade program awards funds to bring into compliance both Building Code and City Code violations that support the... More…

  2. Crestview New Residential Fees Grant

    The Residential Grant program awards funds to aid in the fees required for the renovation or construction of single or multi-family... More…

  3. Florida Trail Business Application

    This form is to gather the information for Crestview Businesses to be a part of the Florida Trail

Police Department

  1. Application Online Submission

    After downloading and completing your RUOK application, please attach the completed download below and an officer will be in touch with... More…

  1. Commendations and Complaints

    If you’ve had a good or bad experience with the Crestview Police Department, please tell us about it.

Utility Services

  1. City of Crestview Utility Disconnect Request Form

    Customers use this form to request a utility disconnect.

  2. Residential Request for Sewer Adjustment

    In the event a customer receives an abnormally high billing caused by a leak, a adjustment may be granted.

  3. Temporary Water Service Application

    Application for Temporary Water Service.

  1. Commercial Utility Services Application

    Application for all Commercial Utility Services

  2. Residential Utility Services Application

    Application for all Residential Utility Services

  3. Utility Bills Electronic Funds Transfer

    Why write a check? Pay your City of Crestview Utility bills automatically with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).