Andrew Rencich

City Council
Title: Councilor - Group 2 - At Large - Mayor Pro Tem
Counilor Reninch

Group 1 - At Large (All Areas) Elected 4-year Term under the old Charter 4/1/2019-3/30/2024 


Councilman Rencich served on the Charter Review Committee that put forward the vision for the new Crestview governmental structure. He served as the president of the Shoal River Republican Club. As a strong supporter of diversifying our area’s economic base, he is a TeCMEN-level member of the Okaloosa Development Council as well as a member of the Northwest Florida Manufacturer Council. Since being sworn into office, Councilman Rencich volunteered to be on the Okaloosa Walton Transportation Planning Organization to be part of the solution for our growing infrastructure needs.

Family & Background

Councilman Rencich and his wife, April, have been married for 12 years. They have two daughters, Katelyn and Riley, and his dog, Diesel. He spent 14 years of active duty with the United States Army, serving as an 18F Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant. He continues his service with the 20th Special Forces Group (A) as a sergeant first class within the Army National Guard.

Since his arrival here in 2011 with the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Councilman Rencich has fully established his Crestview roots, taking a home-based business and turning it into one of the largest of its type within the Panhandle. When not engaged within the community or business activities, he enjoys taking the boat out with the family and relaxing on the water.

Personal Note

I am excited and look forward to all the great things that are in store for the City of Crestview. I will work diligently with the mayor, city manager and my fellow council members to ensure the new visions voted on by the citizens of Crestview are implemented efficiently. We need your continued involvement. Stay engaged so that we know what you need and/or want.

City Representative to:

• Okaloosa Walton Transportation Planning Organization – Primary #2


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