Community Development Services

Various Facets 

The Growth Management Department is a multi-functional department. The various facets of the department consist of Planning and Zoning, Building Permitting and Inspections, Code Enforcement and GIS Services and Mapping. The Main Street Program Director / CRA Director is located in a specialized section of the Administrative Services Division of the Department.

Duties within the departments housed at City Hall include:

  • Coordination of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations pursuant to the Florida Growth Management Act
  • Ensuring building code conformity
  • Processing requests for commercial projects and subdivisions
  • Issuance of development permits
  • Performing building inspections
  • Providing information and processing requests pertaining to annexation, zoning, variances, comp plan amendments and land use changes
  • Main Street program administration and promotions
  • Receipt and processing of complaints relating to violations of the Crestview Code
  • The department also processes requests and schedules meetings for:
    • Board of Adjustment
    • Community Redevelopment Agency
    • Historic Preservation Board
    • Local Planning Agency
    • Technical Review Committee
    • Other boards as directed