Public Services

Mission of the Public Services Department

Our mission is to develop and maintain an optimum public infrastructure system, secure adequate resources and foster planned quality growth to promote the welfare of the community.


About Public Services 

The Public Services Department is a multi-functional department that provides supervision and operation of streets, roads, alleyways, easements maintenance, water, sewer, municipal buildings and property maintenance, and fleet operations. The department provides continuous operation of all water and sewer distribution systems and oversight of a 320-acre solid waste treatment plant and irrigated spray field.


This is accomplished by evaluating and assessing community needs, providing for programs consistent with the goals and objectives outlined by the City Council, setting the standards to achieve long term economic progress, and developing programs that address target goals and minimize maintenance costs.


The Public Services Department is committed to providing an environment that encourages private investment in the community and promotes creative solutions for complex problems.


Public Services Divisions

The Public Services Department is organized into several divisions that are staffed by approximately 50 employees. These divisions are:

Water Division 

The Water Division manages and operates the city's eight water wells and elevated storage tanks. In addition, the division maintains, constructs, and manages the distribution system that currently serves the city's utility customers. The division produces reports on all monthly meter readings to the Utilities Billing Department while providing safe, aesthetically pleasing water. View our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

Utility Maintenance & Sewer Division 

The Utility Maintenance and Sewer Division maintains, constructs, and operates more than 70 sewer lift stations, the sewer collection system and manholes. In addition, the division provides utility location information to protect the city’s infrastructure from damages caused from excavation.

Solid Waste & Garbage Division 

The Solid Waste and Garbage Division coordinates services that are contracted out and are currently provided by Adams Sanitation beginning Oct.1, 2023

Street & Storm Water Management Division

The Street and Storm Water Management Division maintains, engineers, designs, constructs and manages many miles of streets, right of ways, and storm water infrastructure within the city.


Fleet Maintenance Division 

The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains, repairs, and services all of the motor vehicles and heavy equipment for the entire City of Crestview, including those operated by the Fire and Police Departments.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Division

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Division oversees and coordinates services that are contracted out and are currently provided by JACOBS.