City Council Members

Three members elected from Crestviews’ three precincts and two "at large" members make up the Council. They are elected for four-year terms of office. Council members assume office on the first Monday in April in the year of their election. With the recent Charter Change, the Mayor presides over the meetings, and a Mayor Pro Tem is chosen by the Council members prior to April 1 each each year.

  1. Joe Blocker

    Joe Blocker

    Councilor - Precinct 1

  1. Shannon Hayes

    Councilor - Precinct 2 - Mayor Pro Tem

  1. Counilor Reninch

    Andrew Rencich

    Councilor - Group 1 - At Large

  1. Cindy Brown Councilmember

    Cynthia Brown

    Councilor - Group 2 - At Large

  1. Douglas Capps head shot

    Douglas Capps

    Councilor - Precinct 3